The story behind 'My Ilm Box'....

Alhamdulillah I became a Mother...

Assalamu alaykum, my name is Umm Pear.  As a busy Mother of 3 and Teacher I realised the important role parents have with instilling the love of Allah and Islam into the hearts of our children before they mature.  Motherhood and over 10 years of teaching experience showed me that children excel in creative hands-on practical learning tasks, but sometimes planning and resourcing these tasks can take time and without some direction with what to do to with the art and crafts supply can lead to the whole living room becoming a work of art!  Academic Schooling and Madrasa together with Homework and other daily tasks take up much of the children's time, whilst productive parent and child time can be limited or even non existent.  It is a duty upon us as parents to instil Islamic knowledge and understanding into our children as well as ourselves.  So I have started the journey of 'My Ilm Box' where bespoke selections of exciting craft materials and carefully planned Islamic activities are married together and conveniently delivered to your door allowing children and parents to bond and engage in fun and meaningful Islamic activities.  I will be seeking and using fellow brothers and sisters to collaborate on bespoke activities for 'My Ilm Box' as I believe in building a strong bond with the Ummah in order to nurture the upcoming generation.  Follow us on our journey and help initiate the love for learning ilm - the fruits of knowledge nurturing our children's Emaan.

Meet Our Team

Umm Pear - Muslimah, Mother,Teacher and Manager of 'My Ilm Box 

Umm Cherry - Muslimah 5 years old, Product Developer and Tester

Umm Strawberry, Muslimah 3 years old, Product Developer and Tester

Are you ready for some educational fun with 'My Ilm Box'?

رَبِّ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا

Rabbi Zidni Ilma

O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge

(Quran - Surah Taha 20:114) 

Be a part of your child's journey of gaining knowledge of our beautiful deen of Islam.