Here at 'My Ilm Box' we believe in building a strong bond with the Ummah in order to nurture the upcoming generation.  We have well known as well as new and exciting brothers and sisters on board working on unique collaborated activities, giving an element of something new and special with each box.  We are always seeking new collaborators, if you feel you have something to benefit our young Ummah please do contact us by emailing us at

Our Collaborators:

Packed With Love by Aamilah

Faith inspired Greeting Cards, Wall Prints & More.

Instagram: @packedwithlovebyaamilah 

Ilm Projects

 Interactive Learning Methods Designing interactive resources to make Arabic learning fun!

Instagram: @ilmprojects

Spiritual Gems


Ilm Burst

Ilm Burst is an easy to use, ever growing bank of Islamic educational resources for parents and teachers.

Instagram: @ilmburst


Intricate handmade Islamic calligraphy art and typography prints.


Poppetry aspires to inspire faith in little Muslims through modern Islamic prints and products.

Instagram: @poppetry_shop


We're Zayneb & Sid, the creatives behind Zed&Q.  The birth of the brand came

about when we first realised our passion for design, crafting and helping others.

Much of the inspiration behind our handmade products comes from our faith + the beauty that surrounds us.

Mariam Poppins

Ameenah Samuel is a digital artist, planner enthusiast, who has an aficionado for hand lettering  and all things artsy. When I'm not in my creative zone I am a homeschooling mom to 6 amazing children and a loving wife to my best friend. 

You can catch me at the blog on


Or on instagram:

Wellness Muslimah

Chelsea is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist with a passion for Prophetic medicine who wishes to inspire Muslimah's around the world to live more healthy, natural and mindful lives for the sake of Allah. 

Gambian Mommy

Gambian Mommy was born out of my love for the Arabic language and creative teaching which has led to the start of a beautiful journey to being bilingual inshaaAllah. My goal is to nurture the love of the Arabic language as a non-native speaker

Healthy Muslimah

Kate Hepburn is a nutrition consultant, blogger, entrepreneur but, above all else, a revert Muslimah with a love of all things simple and natural, trying to live a healthier life for the sake of Allah and helping others do the same.

Ink & Ocean

 "Ink & Ocean is a London based luxury paper goods brand established in 2012 by Fehmida Ibrahim Shah."     


Ayeina is an online hub for Muslim lifestyle, art and parenting, who run a gratitude campaign #AlhamdulillahForSeries on Instagram-a series which spreads positivity and joy through gratitude towards Allah.

Alif Baa

Alif Baa is the best way to learn the Arabic Alphabet, A Universal app plays natively on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, launched April 2015 incorporates a variety of games for every stage of learning; flashcards, identification, sequencing and handwriting. Designed for kids but great for all ages.

Little box of duas

Providing Islamic typography art and bespoke gifts for any occasion.

Anafiya Gifts

Anafiya Gifts specialise in Islamic gifts for children with the hope of increasing their love of Islam.

Little Annie's Kitchen

Freshly baked and creatively designed cupcakes and cakes.  Based in North West London.

Little Maysoor

Little Maysoor is a company with tiny hearts, but a mega mission. They want to teach Arabic in the most fun way to our kids. You can check out free videos to learn Arabic or some cool free worksheets!

With Love From Mama and Me

Gourmet Cakes and Cupcakes baked by young  Iman Sheikh with a little help from her mama

Homeschooling Muslimah

Instagram : @homeschoolingmuslimah

Sunnah Bites

Fulfilling a sunnah, deliciously.

Ready for some educational fun?