Free Gifts 

Claim mystery free gifts with your collectable sticker tokens.  Sticker tokens are awarded with every 'My Ilm Box' and can be stuck on the 'My Ilm Box' sticker token chart given in your first box.  Different gifts are given depending on the amount of tokens you wish to exchange -  mystery free gifts are available with as little as 5 sticker tokens, save your tokens up for a bigger gift!!  Earn more Sticker Tokens when you share photos and videos on our SOCIAL MEDIA or enter our monthly competitions!!

Claim Your Mystery Free Gift

5 Sticker Tokens - Mystery 'GRAPE' Gift...small but sweet

10 Sticker Tokens - Mystery 'APPLE' Gift... a crunchy surprise 

15 Sticker Tokens - Mystery 'COCONUT' Gift... what will it be?

20 Sticker Tokens - Mystery 'FRUIT SALAD' Gift....worth the wait!

Collect up your sticker tokens and CLICK HERE to email us when you want claim a free gift.  Please note tokens will be deducted from your token bank each time a mystery gift is claimed.

ARE YOU READY TO FOR SOME EDUCATIONAL FUN and be a part of your child's journey of gaining knowledge of our beautiful Deen of Islam?